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how we serve

fox & co wealth management

After seeing that the CPA clients didn’t have access to a Fee-Only financial planner, Johanna sought out to become a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®).  To better serve our clients on all levels, she opened our sister firm, Fox & Company Wealth Management (formerly Milestones Financial).  Although still the principal owner of both firms, Johanna has brought in an experienced partner for each firm as part of her own succession planning.

Fox & Company Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Advisory firm providing goal-based, comprehensive financial planning throughout Western Kentucky and across the United States. As a fee-only financial planning firm, their services are uniquely tailored to each of their client's specific needs. The objective of their goals-based approach is to bring your financial and life goals into proper alignment.

Clients of both firms work with a team of advisors working together for one goal: to make your life simpler and give you a complete “one-stop” financial solution.

If you are interested in finding out more about Fox & Company Wealth Management, click here to schedule an initial consultation with one of their financial planners.