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how we serve

virtual services

Are you…

  • Trying to be the salesman, human resources director, and payroll clerk at the same time? 
  • Tired of replacing bookkeepers and wondering if your private information is publicly discussed? 
  • Not sure if your payroll service is up-to-date on the latest payroll requirements?

Spending hours on time-consuming paperwork and regulations can tie up a lot of your days when you should be generating sales, improving products or services, and serving your customers.  And then there are the nights at the kitchen table when you should be relaxing and spending free time with your family or getting your mind out of the office.  No matter where you are, our Virtual BackOffice Accountant services are the perfect solution for any businessperson who would like to not only work more efficiently but also enjoy family time without worrying about never-ending paperwork.

In addition to accounting services, we strive to be an industry leader in personalizing our virtual communications.  While we aren’t going to ask you to travel to our area, we do ask that you meet with us face-to-face virtually.  By utilizing FaceTime and AnyMeeting, we invite you into our office so that we can meet you “in-person.”   These virtual meetings also allow screen-sharing, which means you get to look at the exact same reports that we are without any confusion.