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fox cpas

Johanna Fox, CPA, Inc. was founded by Johanna Fox Turner in 1995. We soon outgrew our rented offices and moved to our own office building in 1996. Johanna was determined that the firm’s opportunities not be limited by geography and we began working with clients across the USA. To facilitate and enhance client relationships, we were an early adopter of technology and paperless storage. This foresight not only enhanced security and efficiency but enabled virtual, seamless relationships with clients even beyond the states. Today, we have clients in 35 states and in Mexico.

Johanna has always prioritized having a succession plan in the event that she could no longer be involved in the daily operations of the business. In 2011, the firm’s name changed to Fox & Company CPAs. In early 2017, Laura Clifford was announced as partner in charge of tax and consulting for all remote doctor clients and not long after, in 2018, was promoted to President.