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Do you really enjoy spending your free time on government forms and paperwork after a long day at the office? Whether you work from home or drive to the office, activities that diminish your business focus can not only reduce your effectiveness in your career, but also cheat you out of your precious free time.

When you have accurate records throughout the year, you and your professional advisor can plan tax strategies in “real” time rather than waiting until after the year is over and many opportunities are lost.

No matter where you work or whatever the time zone, we can be there to give you more time to do what you do best as we do what we do best.

Our bookkeeping packages can relieve you of a multitude of duties, such as:

  • Receiving and paying client-approved invoices
  • Billing customers, collections and deposits
  • Bank reconciliations and monitoring bank account balance(s)
  • Management reports customized for your needs
  • Budgeting and projections
  • Consultation and advice when you need it from our full staff of professionals
  • Other services and reports customized for your business

Hiring an expert for bookkeeping and related tasks is probably far less expensive than you would think – and will free you up to do more of what you love, whether it is serving customers, improving your business, or simply getting the down time you need to re-energize after a tough day’s work. Having that expert come to you through the magic of technology also means you never have to leave your desk to consult with your professional!