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tax services

Tax planning
Planning is the key to successfully and legally reducing your tax liability. Tax compliance is the minimum threshold that your CPA firm should clear. That’s not good enough for us; we begin working for you when you sign your FPA by scheduling a call to learn more about your specific situation and the opportunities that may be available.

That means we’re here for you at the beginning of each tax year, not just when it’s time to file a tax return and it’s too late to do much to reduce your tax burden. Our proactive recommendations don’t just look at the current year, either. Our strategies include multi-year planning to help take advantage of tax breaks when they will be most beneficial, not just when they become available.

We study current tax law, complex tax codes, and new tax regulations by attending tax seminars and participating in discussions with other tax professionals throughout the country. And we familiarize ourselves with the tax codes of the various states and localities where our clients live and work.

Tax compliance
We may have offices in the heartland, but that in no way limits our reach.  With 36 years of combined experience, our team is experienced with multiple business settings and our clients extend from coast to coast and Mexico. Whether you are an ex-pat or have never left the shores of the good ole’ USA, your tax preparation and planning is in good hands at Fox & Company.

Other tax requirements
Every state and locality has its own set of regulations. That means your situation may not be limited to income taxes but can also include property taxes, heavy highway vehicle use taxes, occupational taxes, and multiple other forms specific to where you live and also where you work. If you’re not sure exactly what you need to file to be compliant, we’ll have the answer.

Our goals are aligned with yours:

  •         To ensure that you pay the lowest amount of taxes allowable by law,
  •         To make sure you’re compliant with federal, state, and local tax regulations, and
  •         To educate you about our recommendations to increase your awareness of choices that are available to you.